Month: September 2019

Women, backbone of the country

Women hold Kenyan society together. They go about their lives supporting their families, earning their “daily bread” and the money necessary to pay the fees to send their children to school and outfit them in uniforms. Here a woman is packing charcoal. This form of charcoal is not the neat briquettes we use but is … Read More

Street vendors

The streets of Mathare, like most African slums, are lined with vendors offering their wares. A local cart puller has delivered these tomatoes from a nearby wholesaler who supplies many small stands throughout the neighborhood. The fine attire of these dignified women reflects the pride with which they go about their daily trade.


John’s story, Hope and a Future, mostly takes place in Mathare, one of Nairobi’s largest slums. This informal settlement of cardboard, tin and plastic shacks holds several hundred thousand souls. But it would be wrong to characterize Mathare as a place of sheer misery; it is neither to be demonized nor idealized. There’s so much more … Read More

John the Barber

This young man, John Maina, was cast onto the streets of an African slum when he was five years old. How did he survive? How did he overcome incredible hardships to lift himself out of poverty? How did I meet him and how did he change my life? John’s hardscrabble life and our relationship is … Read More