Month: April 2020

A one man one-stop shop

As we make our way onto the street, we run across this vendor pushing his handcart loaded with an improbable array of wares.

An inspiring Motto

Scrawled on a crossbeam in the Good Samaritan orphanage is this inspiring motto: “Never lose hope in life.” Despite all its travails, Mathare is a place where people hang onto hope, sometimes desperately, sometimes by a gossamer thread. As John has told me, it is not a lack of material or financial resources that is … Read More

Mama Mercy

Before leaving the Good Samaritan orphanage, we must pay tribute to its matron and founder, the indomitable Mama Mercy. In 1991, she took in John and his half brother, Daniel, housing them in a chicken coop. They were the first children she rescued from the streets. Since then, she has rescued hundreds of precious souls.