Making Chapati

Today, they’re making chapatti, a Kenyan tortilla, that is one of the staples of the local diet. It starts with forming the maize flour into dough.

The Kitchen

Let’s go into Good Samaritan’s kitchen and see what the older kids are preparing.

School Children

Mama Mercy makes sure every child of school age gets an education. Generous international donors cover all school fees.

Boys’ Dormitory

John and I visited the dorm in which he slept for many years. As John is telling me stories of his time in the orphanage, we’ve attracted a crowd of current residents.

Wash Day

When you have well over one hundred children under roof and no washing machine or dryer, wash day can be quite an adventure.


Mama Mercy takes in children of all ages. I’m holding a newborn brought to her by the police.

Good Samaritan Children’s Home

Let’s take a look at the Good Samaritan Children’s Home & Rehabilitation Centre as it exists today. We’ll start by walking through its distinctive main gate.

It’s Bath Time

John would bathe and wash his clothes in this river adjacent to Mathare and just below the Thika Rd. expressway.