hope and a future book

It’s never too early for Christmas

Before John and I left the orphanage, we went up to the playroom to see what the little ones were up to. As you can see, John was a big hit. Even though it was July, one anxious youngster decided to get prepared early for Christmas.

Boys’ Dormitory

John and I visited the dorm in which he slept for many years. As John is telling me stories of his time in the orphanage, we’ve attracted a crowd of current residents.

Wash Day

When you have well over one hundred children under roof and no washing machine or dryer, wash day can be quite an adventure.

Denizens of Galole St

In writing the book, John and I ventured back to Galole St where he had slept on the sidewalk for three years. Here we encountered a band of locals, some of whom John remembered from his days on the street 30 years ago