kenya slums

A one man one-stop shop

As we make our way onto the street, we run across this vendor pushing his handcart loaded with an improbable array of wares.

It’s never too early for Christmas

Before John and I left the orphanage, we went up to the playroom to see what the little ones were up to. As you can see, John was a big hit. Even though it was July, one anxious youngster decided to get prepared early for Christmas.

A Motto for Life

Scrawled on a crossbeam in the Good Samaritan orphanage is this inspiring motto: “Never lose hope in life.” Despite all its travails, Mathare is a place where people hang onto hope, sometimes desperately, sometimes by a gossamer thread. As John has told me, it is not a lack of material or financial resources that is … Read More

Wash Day

When you have well over one hundred children under roof and no washing machine or dryer, wash day can be quite an adventure.


Mama Mercy takes in children of all ages. I’m holding a newborn brought to her by the police.

Good Samaritan Children’s Home

Let’s take a look at the Good Samaritan Children’s Home & Rehabilitation Centre as it exists today. We’ll start by walking through its distinctive main gate.

It’s Bath Time

John would bathe and wash his clothes in this river adjacent to Mathare and just below the Thika Rd. expressway.

A Maze of Footpaths

Street boys earn money by collecting scraps. Each day they wander the streets and maze of footpaths between shacks collecting discarded plastic and metal.